Women's Sat Nav to Success Survey

The aim of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success annual surveys is to provide employers, professional institutions and policy makers with a clear picture of specifically what needs to change,why and how in order to make tangible and sustainable progress in Survey 2018accessing the benefits of gender diversity – both for organisations and individuals.

In 2018 we want to dig deeper – to  track  progress and  to drill down to pinpoint  what matters most by specific employment  sectors.  

It’s simple, the more women who take part, the more precise we can be about what will deliver positive short and long term change.  

Everyone who takes part has the option to download their survey to support their own development  planning.

What did 2017 tells us?

Stretch Potential was the over-arching recommendation.  For all the insights and implications for action, order the 40 page report or request the infographic overview now.



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