If you say ‘yes’ to any of these, we can help:

  • I want to find ways of making faster progress with my career
  • I’m in an early leadership position and I want to make the next critical step up
  • I have specific challenges I want to be sure I’ll meet and surpass:
    • A new job I want to secure
    • A new job role I want to perform well in, quickly
    • A special project that needs to be successful
    • Difficult people or situations that I need to manage
    • An appraisal I want to go really well
  • I’m frustrated because I don’t seem to be heard, valued or recognised for the work that I do and the impact I make
  • I missed out on a role (job or project role) that should have been mine
  • I’m thinking about a family, and I’m conflicted about the career implications
  • I’ve taken time out for children and am not sure what to do about picking up my career again
  • I’ve reached a point where I’m wondering ‘Is this it? Should I be doing something else? Something better? Something different?’
Let's talk

We are here to help you find what you want, and enable you to get it.

You’ll make meaningful, rewarding progress from the first conversation.
You’ll find us accessible, friendly and practical, and sessions will be both challenging and powerful.
We don’t tell you what you should do; we listen, we hear, and then help you explore, select and apply your best options.
The environment you’ll work in with us is non-judgemental and confidential.
You’ll benefit from our depth and breath of knowledge of workplace reality, human psychology and women’s career challenges, to fast track your progress.

Our fees respect our client’s circumstances.

Get the insights you need to change gear

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