Diana Parkes

Author of Understand: Dare: Thrive and founder of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success.

Diana’s corporate career experiences motivated her to find the insights and answers that mean women can have the careers, rewards and recognition they deserve.

Hear about the most potent and pragmatic career-liberating insights and solutions driven from Diana’s pioneering research. Hear the journey that led to the creation of her business and book, Understand: Dare: Thrive. How to have your best career, from today

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Taster Titles:

IWD23 #EmbraceEquity. The hardest hug. How to embrace the truth about your worth, to secure the reality of your potential

Knowing Your Worth. Recognising and activating your Professional Value Proposition

Stepping beyond the shadows of gendered assumptions

Networking in a virtual world

Gaining and sustaining confidence

From CV to professional value proposition

Getting on the radar and staying there

How to halve the gender pay gap

Re-thinking who cares

Mapping strengths and scoping potential

Stakeholder mapping and management

Kicking ‘Imposter Syndrome’ into the long grass

Creating and maintaining support systems

Gary Ford

Co-author of the Accidental Sexist and co-founder of Men for Allies

Meet Gary Ford, previously IT-focused MD at JP Morgan, now an author, and co-founder of Men for Inclusion.
‘Diversity and inclusion are vital for any successful organisation, but experience shows employers, particularly male managers, rarely know how much gender bias impacts the women in their workplace.​’

Hear the the real-world insight on how to include more men in diversity and inclusion efforts and how to build stronger, more motivated teams.

Taster Titles:

The Accidental Sexist - engaging men in gender diversity and inclusion

​Sea of Dudes - why technology needs to change

​​Aligning Values - building organisations that people want to work for 

Everyday Inclusion: How to take action when people are being excluded

Jo Stansfield

Pioneering EDI leader, engineer and organisational psychologist

Meet Jo, an engineer who pivoted from enterprise software development to focus on the human dimensions. She has used her contemporary organisation and business psychology research to upgrade Agile and Lean processes to be truly inclusive. In addition she is driving the leading edge of EDI in her part-time roles as Director of People, Data and Insights for a FTSE 100 tech firm.

Taster Titles:

The Agile Inclusion Paradox: and lessons it teaches us about how to build inclusive teams

People Data: How to use data for better outcomes for diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond

From Woman in Tech to Engineer in HR: And lessons learned along the way

Tech and Engineering careers: Could they be for someone like me?

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