Our pioneering research with over 45 female leaders across a comprehensive range of sectors, functions and countries, identified the most potent and practical strategies that enable women to rapidly secure the  recognition, roles, support and rewards they merit.

Our extensive first-hand experience and psychological understanding of workplace dynamics combine to identify the smoothest, swiftest routes to short, medium, and long-term career fulfilment – to ‘success’, as defined by the individuals we work with, not by apparent societal expectations.

The outcomes are breath-taking, measurable, powerful, immediate and long-term. Pay rises; promotions; recognition; sponsorship; energised self-determination; heightened, sustained confidence, based on a new understanding of capability and worth.
Delivered via: succinct development programmes; 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching; workshops integrated into in-house women’s development and leadership programmes; standalone, topic-specific seminars; self-assessment tools.

We empower the people who will be the drivers of micro to macro culture change, by providing the best motivation and methods. Developed by a blend
of subject matter experts, front line leaders and pioneering change professionals.

We leverage the science of cognition and decision-making to engage, guide and equip managers and leaders across organisations to consistently apply inclusive thinking and the habits of demonstrable, balanced attention, to bring about better outcomes for all. Delivering immediate, measurable return on investment and enhanced engagement.

Focusing your EDI strategy to deliver immediate and sustainable change, whatever stage of the journey you’ve reached.

Exploring the reality of your situation and providing you with clarity on what matters most and makes the most difference for your organisation, people and reputation. Maximising your return on investment, employee engagement and business reputation.

We leverage our in-depth understanding of the organisational and psychological dynamics causing gender inequities, to address the detrimental impact on your organisation caused by groups of employees being valued less – including protected characteristics groups and those operating outside your ‘hero function’.

Delivered by a team with consultancy, organisational psychology, EDI and direct corporate leadership experience.