Women's Sat Nav to Success - Survey 2019

The deadline for 2019 gender pay gap reporting has passed, and the news is not positive. 78% of the companies that filed their data reported a pay gap in favour of men. 45% of companies have reported an increase in their gender pay gap. If we are to effectively challenge gender inequality, reduce the gender pay gap and reap the benefits of a diverse, empowered and inclusive workforce, The Women’s Sat Nav Annual Survey is an increasingly vital tool.


The Survey spearheads an extensive and growing body of research and analysis. It delivers sophisticated insights to cut through the complexity and intricacy of the challenges that employers, individuals and policy makers face when trying to secure the benefits of gender balance in the workplace.


This year’s survey will not only identify the pivotal drivers of change and the strategies to leverage transformation, it will also track the progress made within the workplace in closing the gap in gender inequality.


Participation in the survey is a win:win. Individuals gain a valuable free micro-development tool to accelerate their own career progression. Organisations benefit from addressing the damaging performance impacts resulting from a workplace that does not reflect or engage the full diversity of the potential workforce.Survey 2018

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