Women's Sat Nav to Success - Survey 2020

How will the radical impact of Covid-19 on people’s working lives affect the priorities for, and progress of, diversity and inclusion?

How will it affect what matters most for women and men’s engagement and career progression motivation?

What will happen to the gender pay gap? Only half the number of organisations that reported in 2019, reported this year. Last year there was an overall reduction of only 0.1 percentage points and 44% of organisations reported an increase in their gap.

If focus and resources shift away from inclusive diversity, how can measurable, sustainable progress happen?

The The Sat Nav Research Programme spearheads an extensive and growing body of research and analysis. It delivers sophisticated and pragmatic insights to cut through the complexity and intricacy of the challenges that employers, individuals and policy makers face when trying to secure the benefits of inclusive gender balance in the workplace.

Since it’s launch in 2017, this research has identified and quantified fundamental causal issues which trigger a cascade of consequences. It has also been able to specify a pragmatic roadmap to secure positive change, with wide-reaching benefits far beyond the gendered dimension.

This year’s survey will identify the impact of Covid-19 on the priority drivers of change and the strategies to leverage transformation and track the progress made within the workplace in closing critical gender equality gaps.


Participation in the survey is a win:win.

As social enterprise we seek to make a positive, measurable impact whenever we connect. Hence, our surveys are designed as a free-to-access and download development tool to help individuals learn about strategies that increase fulfilment and/or accelerate career progression. On average, 40% of participants identify immediate opportunities to make positive change.

Covid-19 is causing people so reflect on what really matters in their working lives. Taking our survey provides a framework for that reflection and the opportunity to document their implications.  

Organisations gain from the fresh insights on the most pivotal influences on progression and engagement and the priorities for focusing resources to make immediate, measurable and sustainable change.

potential of it’s workforce.    Survey 2020

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