Understand: Dare : Thrive

How to have your best career from today

‘Finally, a book that will help real women to have the working lives they deserve’, Dame Inga Beale, former CEO Lloyds of London


Understand: Dare: Thrive, how to have your best career from today is essential reading for all women, and all champions of equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Every insight and answer that matters is here, in one place.

In this ground-breaking book, leading authority Diana Parkes – business guru, psychologist and social entrepreneur – cuts through the complexity of workplace dynamics and human psychology to share what really works. She provides everything you need to know to thrive throughout your career, at the pace you choose, with the recognition and rewards you deserve.

  • Comprehensive, proven strategies for success
  • Real stories – in the words of women who’ve cracked it!
  • Practical examples of how to handle everyday challenges
  • 24 powerful self-assessment and planning tools
  • Incisive coaching questions in every chapter


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Invest in yourself, or a woman who matters to you:

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About the author:

Diana is a social entrepreneur on a mission to provide women with the wherewithal to successfully navigate workplace inequalities and secure the roles, recognition, support and rewards they merit. Her catalyst... for writing the book was a second experience of not securing the board role, for which she had a unique and exemplary track record within the organisation, which instead went to a white male peer with no experience. Her determination to find the answers led to a pioneering research programme, a psychology degree, and establishing The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Ltd - a business dedicated to changing career experiences and outcomes for women. While dyslexia means that writing would normally be Diana’s last choice of communications options, 'Understand: Dare: Thrive. How to have your best career, from today' has always been central to her mission. It ensures that as many women as possible can benefit from her empowering findings, as the most affordable and accessible route to this often life-changing support. Diana is a single mum who now lives by the sea, having moved from London to Bournemouth to bring up her daughter. Read more