Flagship programmes

Bespoke: transformation programmes, development programmes, workshops and events

If you mean it, we can make it happen.

Dovetailing with your EDI, Talent, and L&D strategies and ambitions.

Created and delivered by experts from our network of consultants, organisational psychologists, EDI experts, corporate leaders and L&D specialists.

From strategic transformation programmes which are cognizant of resources; to comprehensive EDI and L&D development programmes; topic- or challenge-specific workshops integrated into wider development programmes; one-off themed workshops; special events (e.g. IWD, IMD).

Transformation across organisations; step-change in the reach and reality of inclusive leadership and management; empowerment of women.


The business game to safely develop inclusive leadership understanding and capability

Mosaic® encourages players to discuss and reflect on the meaning and practice of inclusive leadership, within a psychologically safe learning environment.
Players grapple with dilemmas drawn from the experiences of real leaders, and practice identifying and responding to inclusion-related dilemmas. Using gender as a natural starting point, they practice constructive conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion, generating their own ideas about how to promote and support equity, diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

Mosaic® is a ‘Serious Game’ developed by Dr Lynn Roseberry, and Game Tools® . Mosaic® sessions are facilitated by Lynn and accredited consultants.